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An Introduction to Odyssey Chats


chat screenshot The Basics:
A chat involves carrying on a live "conversation" all text via the computer. You can submit questions or comments before or during the chat we'll draw about half from those submitted beforehand and half from those submitted live. We'll share these with our special guests participating in the chat. They will in turn type in their response at which time a new question will be posted. And so on for the duration of the chat.

Inappropriate Language:
Once the chat begins you will ONLY be able to see the questions the moderator selects and the responses from the participants. You will NOT be able to see what others type only the moderator will see these and be able to choose to make them visible or not. This means the chat will be focused and we can guarantee no inappropriate questions or language will appear.

Computer Requirements:
We can pretty much guarantee that your computer can support Odyssey chats. If you aren't having any trouble just checking out the website right now, you'll be able to see the chat. You don't need any special programs or a special computer.

(By the way, all Odyssey chats are free - just like everything The Odyssey does!)