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Neda Farzan

  • B.A. in Human Biology, concentration in Children's Health Policy, Stanford University

  • Intern, U.S. Congress House Subcommittee on Africa

  • Intern, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • Representative, Senegalese Association for Research and Aid for Development (ASREAD), Operation Crossroads Africa

  • Fluent in Farsi and French, knowledge of Spanish, German, and Wolof


Neda is a student and a teacher, and hopes to continue to be both for the rest of her life. As an educator, she is excited about The Odyssey's innovative way of teaching and its attempts to truly engage students in the learning process. As a student herself, she knows the benefits of interactive learning, for example through her participation with the Stanford-in-Washington program, when she traveled around the East Coast of the U.S. and visited places like Gettysburg, Monticello, and the Freedom Trail.

Neda is a passionate person: she is passionate about living and she always tries to inspire this same passion in others. She feels fortunate to have had many wonderful opportunities and experiences in her life, and she feels an obligation to share her resources and make a positive impact on her community.

She loves the outdoors and trying out different sports. She also really likes dancing, baking cookies, reading the newspaper, collecting Pez dispensers, and wearing bright colors. But mostly, she spends a lot of time laughing and enjoying herself, and is not afraid to make a fool of herself in the process!

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