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Rebecca Anne Kroll

  • Teach for America, Long Beach Unified School District

  • Received a $1,500 IBJ Global Vision Grant for fifth grade classroom

  • Semester at Sea participant, Fall 1996 semester

  • Excavator, Earthwatch Institute

  • Rock climber and photographer

Rebecca Kroll at age 24 has just finished two years teaching fifth grade in Long Beach, California with Teach for America. She has worked to motivate at-risk youth through The Resurrection Project and College Bound and received a $1,500 IBJ Global Vision Grant for her fifth grade classroom. She has traveled around the world, including time with Semester at Sea and the Earthwatch Institute. She is also an accomplished photographer and an avid rock climber.

Equally confident navigating the subways of New York, the gua-guas of Dominican Republic, or the public buses of Central America, Rebecca believes that new and challenging experiences, especially travel, are catalysts for growth. She thinks there is no learning tool more powerful than experiential education.

Rebecca brings her passions for travel and photojournalism, along with her background as a teacher, to the daily adventure of the US Trek.

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