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"And yes, as people died from starvation, the Donner Party was reduced to eating the dead bodies as well."
- Neda
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US Expansion through the Mid-1800's


nedaBest of the Update!
Neda - A Toyota Tercel named Turkey on the trail of Lewis & Clark

thumb2Irene - Pack 'em in and move on out West!

thumb3Neda - The Donner Party: How far would you go if you were starving?

Dispatch buttonKevin - The battle that begat the anthem heard 'round the world
Dispatch buttonNeda - Steamboating the Mississippi…in a floating McDonald's?
Dispatch buttonIrene - Beware of free lunches, especially when offered by the government
Dispatch buttonIrene - Extra! Extra! Hunting for gold Leads to more misery than happiness!
Dispatch buttonMaking a Difference - We speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues

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