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Statue of Sojourner Truth

Have you ever been in the presence of someone that makes you feel good inside, but also a little scared? Someone who you always listen to, whenever they have something to say? Well, Sojourner Truth was the kind of woman that always got respect from anyone she talked to. It wasn't just because she was six feet tall, it was also because she had powerful and important things to say.


Sojourner Truth spent the later part of her life fighting for the causes of equality. She was born a slave, but became free at the age of 30. She knew all about inequality, both because she was a slave and because she was a woman. It was hard to go through life as either during those times. She always spoke out for people who were treated unfairly, and she didn't pick just one cause to fight for.

Sojourner Truth in New York after she was freed from slavery

Truth was born under the name Isabella Baumfree. This was her name until after she had gained her freedom. As a slave, she experienced great hardships. One thing that was very difficult for her was the fact that whenever she had a baby, she was forced to give it away so it could be sold into slavery. This happened 13 times! Once was bad enough. After she gained her freedom life was still hard, because she would always be black and a woman.

Nick with some beautiful African art in the background

Truth found a lot of strength after visiting her mother for the first time, and finding religion. She felt that God was calling on her to teach people how the world should be. She chose a new name for herself to show what her new role would be. A sojourner is someone who travels. She believed she should travel around and bring people the Truth. So she became Sojourner Truth.

Nick getting excited about the amazing Truth

Truth spoke all over the place. She was a talented speaker who always drew a crowd. Both black people and white people came to hear her because she was very motivating. Truth gave people the energy and strength to accomplish many things with her words. They made great strides for the rights of blacks, the rights of women, and many other people. She got to speak in front of Congress, and even with two presidents.

You don't have to go through what Sojourner Truth did in order to be strong. It is important for everyone to stand up for what they believe in and get rid of inequality. Don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. If you stand tall and go with what is in your heart, amazing things will happen.



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