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Turn Down That Noise! But Turn Up That Good!


What kind of music do you like? Soft music? Loud music? Girl bands? Boy bands? Classical? Electronic?

There are so many different kinds!

And everybody likes music. It sounds good and it makes us feel things. It makes us want to sing, cry, dance - scream to the world!!

Punk rock is a kind of music that's loud and noisy! Lots of punk rockers wear leather jackets and have blue, pink or red spiky hair that sticks up in points! But punk rock is a lot more than that. Lots of young people like punk rock because it gets mad at the world!

Getting mad? Is that a good thing? Well, it can be! One punk rock fan named Mark Andersen saw a lot of people on the street without homes or food. Just like his favorite punk songs, Mark got mad.

But instead of doing something bad, or losing control, Mark did something good. He started a group called Positive Force.

Positive Force holds music concerts for punk rock fans, and the money goes to homeless shelters and food kitchens. Isn't that amazing?

So the next time you get mad, try writing a song. Put down on paper what it is that bugs you. It doesn't have to rhyme, and it doesn't have to be any good. Nobody has to see it even!

But do what a lot of punk rockers do: think about what you can do to make things better. Good things happen because people get mad at the way things are.

And the next time you see a person with spiky hair, think twice! They might be giving food away to needy people!


Please email me at: irene@ustrek.org


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