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Semester 1

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Semester 2:
The US through the 20th Century

Stage One: The Progressive Era

01/17/01: One heroic woman that no one will honor
Rebecca wonders where in the world is Florence Kelley? One of the most influential social activists of the 20th century has all but disappeared from the textbooks. Rebecca hopes to revive her legacy.

02/03/01: Hooverized dresses? WWI in the first person
What were American women doing during WWI? Rebecca had a bit of trouble finding out, until she talked to the best resource around: her grandmother who had lived it.

02/24/01: Together we can make a difference!
One of FDR's most effective New Deal programs was the Civilian Conservation Corps. The same work that revitalized the nation during The Depression is being carried out today by groups like the Student Conservation Association and Americorps NCCC. Rebecca and Irene travel to Muir Woods to watch them work and find out how to get involved.

04/18/01: Family Matters
The ideal of the American Family is evolving to include more and more variations on the traditional family unit. Rebecca and Jen meet with a gay couple and a lesbian couple in Dallas, TX, who have each decided to make an alternative family a reality for them.

05/05/01: Rebecca - Learning about life by living it - with gusto!Rebecca recounts her Trek experiences, and shares a thing or two that she's learned along the way.