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Semester 2:
The US through the 20th Century

Stage One: The Progressive Era

01/17/01: A suitcase full of travels! It's Trekker Jennifer
Jennifer tells the story of her grandparents meeting on a boat from Poland to Israel.

01/20/01: A crater of tears and a forest full o' love
Kiddie version of Jennifer's dispatch on Muir Woods and Crater Lake. Includes information on President Theodore Roosevelt and National Parks.

02/07/01: Anna Louise Strong: A Strong Woman Behind the Country's First General Strike
Jennifer and Neda scour the Washington shipyards and the Labor Temple for details of the Seattle General Strike of 1919.

02/10/01: Evolution's gonna make a monkey's uncle out of you!
Jennifer and Stephanie snoop around Dayton, Tennessee to investigate the Scopes Trial of 1925, and the controversy of creationism vs. evolution. p> 03/10/01: You ain't nothing but a SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!
Jennifer discovers why kids cheered, teenagers swooned at, and Americans revered three American icons: Mickey Mouse, Elvis, and John Wayne.

03/17/01: X stands for: Fight the powers that be!
Jennifer explores the life and times of Malcolm X, a man known as a militant leader during the Civil Rights movement. From prison life in Norfolk, Massachusetts, to street life in Harlem, New York, he made an impact on the social and political climate of the 1960's.

Jennifer looks into the history of the Equal Rights Amendment and what modern-day organizations are doing to preserve the rights of women.

04/14/01: Check Out Those Long Lines at the Gas Pumps!
The oil crisis of 1973, and what you should know about energy.

04/18/01: A Different Kind of Civil Rights- Or is it?
Like any minority group, people with disabilities are a powerful force when they are fighting for their civil rights. Jennifer discovers from Gallaudet University in D.C. to disabled activists in Austin, TX, people with disabilities are advocating for social change and for access to all aspects of American life.

04/21/01: Money Makes the World Go Round?
Jennifer heads down south to El Paso, Texas to study the pros and cons of NAFTA.

04/28/01: Jennifer - A day at juvie - doing time in your teens
Jennifer takes a trip to L.A. and San Diego, California to talk about minors being tried as adults. School shootings, gang violence, and protests, really makes you look at the pros and cons of our juvenile justice system.

05/05/01: Jennifer - To America the beautiful and the friendly.
Jen says goodbye to the Trek.