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Semester 1

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Semester 2:
The US through the 20th Century

Stage One: The Progressive Era

01/20/01: Two Wobbly ghosts named Ralph and Wilma
A very tame kiddie version of Neda's Centralia dispatch. It talks about the sentinel statue and the painting of Wesley Everest in Centralia, Washington, and how it didn't do any good that two groups fought each other

01/27/01: "Red Emma": Madwoman or inspiration?
A look at the life of Emma Goldman and the themes she teaches us about-anarchism, feminism, anti-militarism, yellow journalism and the red scare.

02/07/01: Reds, Radicals, and Civil Liberties for All
Neda and Daphne look into the Red Scare of the 1920s, specifically the Palmer Raids when thousands of aliens were arrested and deported. A visit with the Massachusetts American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) shows us how this incredible organization was formed in reaction to that time period and also how we must continue to fight for immigrant rights today.

02/10/01: Building a better human - in the 1920's?!
Neda researches the American Eugenics Movement at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories in New York. This raises questions about modern day genetics and bioethics.

02/17/01: How many licks does it take to sell you a lollypop?
Neda explores the rise of advertising in this country, starting with the postwar economic boom in the 1920s. She takes a look at advertising's shift from information to persuasion.

02/24/01: Just get a job? The reality behind homelessness
Neda writes about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal, which helped poor people during the Great Depression of the 1930s. She writes about how the poor people who lived during that time are the same - and different - than poor people today.

03/17/01: Martin Luther King, Jr. and a shattered peace movement
Neda and Irene meet with Reverend Samuel Kyles to speak about the late Martin Luther King Jr., the garbage workers' strike that brought him to Memphis in 1968, and the fateful shot that prematurely ended his life. Reverend Kyles was with Dr. King at the Lorraine Motel when he was shot.

04/07/01: Pulling a refrigerator full of cheese from a cow!
Neda looks at the growth of communes in the late 1960s and reasons for their continued existence today. She visits The Farm in Tennessee and Twin Oaks in Virginia.

04/14/01: The "Third rate Burglary" that Brought Down a President"
Neda visits D.C. to write about the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Nixon. She interviews Carl Feldbaum, a member of the Watergate Special Prosecution team and looks at the legacy of the scandal.

04/21/01: Silent Victims: The Ongoing Tragedy of the Persian Gulf War
Neda looks at the U.S.' involvement in the Persian Gulf War and the continued impact that sanctions and bombings have had on the Iraqi people.

05/05/01: Neda - So what exactly is a "trekker" anyway?
Neda reflects on all the joys and wonders of being a Trekker!