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"Stephanie grabbed the video camera, I grabbed the guitar and there I was, singing on the same stage where Elvis Presley had once sung."
- Jennifer


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Popular Culture in the 1920s


Best of the Update!
Irene - Red-hot and smokin' in the flappin' 20s

thumb2Stephanie - Bap, bap, ta, tap, tap, bash! Jazzzzzz!

thumb3Nick - Batter up! How to make a quick $100,000

thumbnail4 Jennifer - Hillbilly, foot stompin' good ol' time

Dispatch buttonDaphne - Step right up and see it here! Live premature baby incubators!
Dispatch buttonRebecca - Parties, suicides, addictions, and tantrums: the birth of Hollywood
Dispatch buttonMaking a Difference - TV: A giant slushie for your brain

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